Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I submit for a day off?

2 weeks. Anything less than a 2-week notice is considered a call off. Call offs count towards the attendance point system.

Can I have someone pick up my check?

You must call into the office and speak with an HR staff member to give verbal permission for someone to pick up your paper check. This individual will need to bring a picture ID.

How do I request to be removed from a schedule?

You must submit at least a two week notice to HR with a valid reason. All 2 week notices must be worked out unless otherwise authorized by caregiving supervisor.

Requesting to be removed from a specific client schedule is not valid if you are still within your first 90 days of employment.

How do I qualify for direct deposit?

You must be in good standing with HR (no outstanding expiring documents, up-to-date with annual TB). You must also consistently and accurately complete all of your charting.

How do I get my referral bonus for a caregiver?

Caregiver must fill out a "Referred By" form during orientation. Caregiver must be with agency at least 90 days and have worked the minimum requirement of 250 hours. 

If you didn't get a referral bonus: they didn't say you referred them, they didn't work enough hours, or they didn't work at least 90 days.

How do I find my PTO or paystubs?

You will need to login to Accupay. If you do not have this information, you can send an email to requesting your balance. You may also contact our payroll department .

How do I access our payroll system (Accupay)?

Contact the payroll department requesting an email be sent to you to set up your Accupay account to view paystubs and PTO.

When do I qualify for insurance?

60 days after hire date. After that you will have to wait until open enrollment or a change of life circumstance. For insurance documents, email